Stephanie Woods is a certified Dental Health Aide Therapist (DHAT) that trained in New Zealand in 2003-2004.  She has worked for the Maniilaq Association since January of 2005.  After doing a six month preceptorship in Kotzebue, Stephanie moved to the village of Shungnak, where her husband is from, and practiced dentistry in the local clinic as well as frequent travel to other villages.

In January 2009, Stephanie became the dental director for the department and moved to the region’s headquarters in Kotzebue where she practiced as a DHAT part time while managing the department.  One of her greatest accomplishments was sending three other people through the DHAT training center.

In October 2012 Stephanie decided to return back to the clinic full time. She travels to the villages one week out of the month and spends the rest of her time working in Kotzebue with a strong focus on prevention.  Stephanie has been a member of the Alaska Dental Academic Review Committee since 2005 and a member of the AADT since 2005.  She also travels all over the country speaking about Dental Therapy Program.